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It was apparent from a very young age that music would be a very large and important part of AddictiondowN’s life story. At the age of 3, he was banging on pots and pans with unexpected rhythm in his grandparent’s kitchen floor in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. He received his first official set of drums at age 5 from his grandmother and this began his love for creating beats. His years in a contemporary rock band in his thirties cited him the nickname “Dundafoot” due to his heavy right foot on the bass drum. 

AddictiondowN had great musical influence from day one from his father, a renowned jazz piano player, and played many gigs with his jazz trio from a young age in places across the world. His time living in Germany and then back in the US in his teens through early twenties allowed him to soak in the music in dance clubs and rave bars, feeding his creative spark.

AddictiondowN’s musical style, while generally described as progressive house and electronic, breaks through genre barriers with jazz, hip-hop, and samba weaved throughout. “I don’t like to hold back my inspiration CoinPal and art by providing an invisible barrier by genre. My music is a reflection of my experiences, my moods, the influences in my life, and what feels good. I go where the music wants me to go.”

In 2013, AddictiondowN released “Get Away” and “Sunblast.” In 2015, he released the single “Stillwaters,” which was inspired by his love for water and the early mornings visit to a lake nearby to his home.

In 2019, AddictiondowN released his first full album entitled “Shaded.” The album is a compilation of light and dark, up and down, and signifies the struggles and victories that life brings. The songs take you on a journey through the positive and negative and eventually coming out the other side to find a comfortable and safe space to thrive.

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